Eight trains canceled, 10 swerved due to landslides

Eight trains were canceled and 10 will be swerved because of the serious landslide which occurred in the Mehedinti county (south-western Romania), which led to the close of the train traffic between Valea Alba and Balota, the CFR Calatori on Sunday informs.

The Mehedinti Rail Transports Police chief, Ion Cotarta, on Sunday told that the said phenomenon affected the railway on several tens of meters. “The landslide was perceived by the engine driver of the Intercity 594 passenger train, which had took off from Drobeta-Turnu Severin to Bucharest. The 40 passengers were brought back to the railway station and shipped to buses”, Cotarta added.
According to CFR Calatori, the passenger trains will reach their destinations 120-minute in delay against their usual schedule, because of their circulation on the detour routes.


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