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Government to remove abuses and shorten duration of public acquisition procedure

Prime Minister Emil Boc says that the public acquisition law will be amended so that, on the one hand, abuses should be removed and, on the other hand, the duration of procedures should be shortened.

“We amend so that we should remove abuses, remove delays, shorten the duration of procedures. To be more accurate, by sketching some additional terms so that an auction should not last so long, by shortening the procedure terms included,” said Emil Boc on Friday evening.
Premier Emil Boc and Minister of Administration and the Interior Vasile Blaga on Friday, in Cluj-Napoca (north-west of Bucharest), attended the meeting of the steering committee of the Association of Romanian Cities.

The amendment of the public acquisition law was also supported by Minister Vasile Blaga in a news conference. “It is a just balance between the free access to justice, which is guaranteed, and the abuse of justice in order to hinder investments. This is where the shoe pinches. Last year we suggested a share of the value of the investment being considered a penalty for the people who contest and lose and the EU thought we could not stick to this procedure as we hindered the access to justice …

Evaluations amounting to half of the value of the project are aimed at. And we lose twice. On the one hand we lose the European funds because the investment is stopped and we are also penalized with the value of the investment,” said the Minister of Administration and the Interior, who referred to the drawbacks of the current legal stipulations in the field of the public acquisitions.


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