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Romania celebrating 130 years of diplomatic ties with France, Germany and the UK

Romania is celebrating today 130 years of diplomatic ties with France, Germany and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
‘Romania is celebrating today a moment full of significance of its national history and essential to the place of Romania in the world:

the recognition on February 20, 1880 by France, Germany and the UK of the independence and sovereignty of the Romanian state and the establishment of modern diplomatic ties with all these countries,’ Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi says in a press release issued on Saturday.
On February 20, 1880 diplomatic officials of the three countries sent to Romanian authorities notes acknowledging the existence of an independent and sovereign Romanian, state similar in content. By their gesture, the three big powers have engaged other European countries in recognising the Romanian state and establishing diplomatic relations at a legacy level.

The three big powers establishing diplomatic ties with Romania meant that Romania entered a new stage of its institutional modernisation, and it boosted its international prestige.
Diplomatic ties between Romania and the three countries, says Baconschi, have recorded a constant positive development over time and now there is excellent political, economic and social cooperation between them.

At the same time, Romania’s diplomatic ties with these countries are underpinned by a set of shared ideas and values as a result of their European Union and NATO memberships.
‘We want to further consolidate our relations with these big European democracies. We also want to better capitalise on our similar positions and thus jointly contribute to the European design,’ says Baconschi.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry and the local embassies of France, Germany and the UK, as well as the Romanian National Archives will be holding a series of events to mark the anniversary.
A joint documentary exhibition is scheduled for end-March 2010 that will reflect the highlights in the development of Romania’s diplomatic ties with the three European countries. Romania’s diplomatic missions in the three countries will carry out public diplomatic actions to mark the anniversary.


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