Social Democrat Culita Tarata joins independents

Social Democrat Deputy Culita Tarata joined the independent parliamentarians’ group on Sunday. “I have put my name on the list of the independent parliamentarians’ group today.

I think that agriculture, a field that is so important, maybe the most important one in Romania, must be treated with much more interest and want to make my contribution to it. I have decided that, starting on February 22, I shall put my name on the list of the independents’ group in Parliament. By the activity I shall carry out here I shall be able to give more help to those that sent me to Parliament, the mayors of Neamt County [eastern Romania] and the field of agriculture in general.

Time will prove that what I am saying today will materialize in reality. Like my colleague Ioan Munteanu, who carries out his activity in the field of agriculture too, I shall feel at home among my former colleagues who are independent today.
A new political left-of-centre force is needed in Romania, which should support the Government in the efforts it makes in order to get out of the crisis,” the former Social Democrat told. On Sunday too Deputy Ioan Munteanu and Senator Serban Mihailescu joined the independent parliamentarians’ group headed by Gabriel Oprea.

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