Social Democrats Ioan Munteanu and Serban Mihailescu join independents

Deputy Ioan Munteanu and Senator Serban Mihailescu put their names on the list of the independent parliamentarians’ group on Sunday.

Ioan Munteanu was a deputy of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) for Neamt County (eastern Romania) and member on the commission on agriculture, forestry, food industry and specific services. Being an agricultural expert by profession, Ioan Munteanu was serving his third term in office as a deputy. During the last legislative period he was secretary of the Chamber of Deputies. He was also Prefect of Neamt County and vice-mayor of the city of Piatra Neamt (eastern Romania).

Ioan Munteanu was declared the best parliamentarian of Moldavia in 2006 and 2007 by the Institute of Public Policies. “I have decided to join the independent parliamentarians’ group as I wish to work together with people whose opinions, beliefs and convictions I share. I have known Gabriel Oprea since the time when he was Minister of Administration and I was Prefect of Neamt County.

A man I respect and appreciate for his verticality and correctness, values he never overlooks. We have cooperated very well, Mr Oprea having a good knowledge of the realities and problems in the administration and who, as a minister, got involved in managing and solving them,” Ioan Munteanu told.
Another Social Democrat joining the independents on Sunday is Serban Mihailescu.

Serban Mihailescu is senator of Teleorman County (southern Romania) and secretary of the economic, industry and services commission of the Senate. Being an engineer by profession, he was general secretary of the Government in 2000-2003. According to him, the decision to join the independents is a consequence of the fact that his “expertise and experience were no longer used by the party.”

“Another stage in the PSD life has come to an end, in which I took part wholeheartedly. I wish success to my colleagues. I see that my experience and expertise have no longer been used lately. I am joining the independents’ group, I shall never join another party as I have been and still am a leftist. For me, at my age, it is a new challenge to participate in a new political construction. Indeed, the national interest now implies getting out of the economic crisis. I am a man who loves his country with its good and evil aspects.” said Serban Mihailescu.

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