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Adrian Nastase to seek new term as president of the PSD National Council

President of the National Council of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Adrian Nastase announced on Monday, before the meeting of the formation’s National Standing Bureau, that he would run for a new term at the helm of this decision-making body.

“Yes, I will run,” said Nastase, who added that he wants the National Council to be convened as soon as possible, to show the interest of the Social-Democrats “not only in aspects related to management structures, but especially in ideas, projects and solutions’ that are of highest concern to PSD members and to the party’s electorate.

The president of the National Council said that the decision on the date when this body is to convene in a meeting falls under the responsibility of the PSD National Executive Committee. “I think that finally the National Council will be extremely useful in refreshing our public messages. We didn’t have the chance to discuss these things in the Congress.

My opinion is that the first meeting of the National Council should complement debates in Congress, concerning mainly the party leadership, and that we should come up with fresh ideas, with projects, starting from the meaning of economic and social issues, from ideological questions and also from aspects related to the constitutional reform,” said Nastase.

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