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Basescu: More Roma families live on city outskirts in makeshift shelters

President Traian Basescu told a conference here on Monday launching the Report on the National Strategy for the Improvement of Roma’s Situation: The Voice of Communities that an increasing number of Roma gypsy families live on the city outskirts, in illegal makeshift shelters.

‘I can tell you that another big problem is looming. Due to the positive birth rate existing inside the Roma community, the issue of housing is worsening. An increasing number of Roma gypsy families live on the city outskirts, in makeshift shelters and illegal ones at that. We cannot endlessly continue by assuming the state will ultimately have to build houses for this bracket.

No. We’ll have to see that their children go to school, that they have jobs by which they will be able to build homes’, the president said. Basescu added that the statistic figures relating to the evolution of the Roma minority’s life are not encouraging. He stressed that the responsibility for resolving this problem should rest with the state, but with the community too.

‘This is my request to you, who can positively influence the Roma minority’s attitude one way or another. This is also my request to the NGOs… We need a partnership of facts between the Roma minority and the government’, he said, adding the government should put forward programmes agreed upon with the Gypsies’ representatives and then both sides should meet their obligations. He said a big problem consists in the minority’s lack of commitment to progress and their lack of conviction that school is the key to future prosperity.


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