Bucharest Airports Company eyes 68 mln lei in net 2010 profit

The recently established Bucharest National Airports Company estimates a 68 million lei (16 million euros) net profit in 2010, according to the draft budget published on the Transport Ministry’s website.

The company anticipates total revenues of 476 million lei (around 112 million euros), while the expenditure amounts to 395 million lei (about 93 million euros) for 2010.
Bucharest National Airports Company, established by the merger of the Henri Coanda Bucharest International Airport National Company with the Bucharest Baneasa – Aurel Vlaicu International Airport National Company, officially started its activity on February 11.

The newly established airport system will process 75 percent of the entire air traffic in Romania. According to the estimates, more than seven million passengers will benefit from the services provided by one of the two airports, and the company’s turnover will soar to 110 million euros in 2010.
The establishment of the Bucharest National Airports Company represents one of the objectives Radu Berceanu, Transports and Infrastructure Minister, initiated and proposed in the chapter 12 ‘Transport Infrastructure’ of the 2009-2012 ruling programme.

Bucharest National Airports Company will ensure the operational management and coordination process and will harmonize and align the development and modernization projects of the two airports based in the Romanian capital.

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