Coordination Committee on European Affairs holds meeting

The Coordination Committee on European Affairs convened in session on Monday, when the participants have been approaching topics related to Romania’s participation in the Justice and Home Affairs Council, the decisions the EU Commission made on Feb 17, on the adjustment of the organizational structure to the new allotment of the commissioners’ portfolios, as well as the information the EU Commission provided on the launch of a project to support the implementation of the EU laws on waste.

According to a release, the talks on the Justice and Home Affairs Council, due in Brussels, on Feb 25-26, have been aimed at the preparation of the topics to be approached during the event, namely the approval of the EU internal security strategy, the briefings about the EU joining the Convention on Human Rights, the basic liberties and the developments in the EU-US relations in the field, as well as the presentation of the Spanish chairmanship of the EU Council regarding the Standing Committee on Operational Cooperation on Internal Security (COSI).

Romania’s Department for European Affairs (DAE) recommended the central administration institutions, commissioned to manage the fields aimed at by the changes the EU the Commission had announced, that they should think about a possible adjustment of their own internal; structures to secure an optimal dialogue with the EU Executive.

Another topic the participants approached was informing the EU Committee on Environment (DG) about the launch of a project to back up the enactment of the EU laws on waste. The project plays the role of supporting the EU Commission’s activity in the fulfillment of its obligations and commitments, supplying support for drawing up the guidance lines of the topics the laws in the field stipulate. The project is due to be carried out by Nov 2011.


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