Dacia, an increased market share in Germany, in 2010

Even though, in general, the auto market in Germany will follow a downward trend this year, as well, Renault and Dacia will further increase their market share in this country, estimates Renault Germany chairman Achim Schaible in an interview given to Die Welt.

Schaible hopes that in 2010 Renault/Dacia brand market share in Germany will advance 4.5 percent despite an weak outlook in this sector. On medium term, Renault plans a market share of six percent by 2012, in Germany, for its own brand. At the same time, Romanian Dacia brand is going to contribute to the group’s development. Due to the car scrapping bonus, the cheap Dacia brand saw a strong demand in 2009.

In April, Dacia Duster four-wheel drive car will be added to the range sold in Germany, Schaible expecting the sale of 5,000-8,000 such units. Thus, Dacia could attain the number of 33,000 sold vehicles in Germany, in 2010.

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