First meeting of PSD BNP chaired by Ponta to convene today

The National Standing Bureau (BNP) of the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD) will convene today for the first time under the chairmanship of the newly elected PSD chief Victor Ponta.

Ponta won the PSD chairmanship by 856 votes to his challenger Mircea Geoana’s 781. In a speech to the convention before the vote session, Ponta said that irrespective of the winner in the race for the PS chairmanship, the office of Senat chairman, currently held by Geoana, will not be endangered. He also mentioned the values he would like to promote, about the Left identity the PSD could find back if he wins the election, about solutions for Romania, and particularly about regaining the pride of being a Social Democrat in Romania.

Ponta underscored that he wants the support of the PSD heavyweights for his future projects, as well as from the young PSD members and especially from those who chose to join the party after the December 6, 2009 defeat of the PSD in the presidential run-off. Ponta also talked about the fact that the party still has two years to modernise itself.

‘We will fight against the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L) and against the National Liberal Party (PNL). We are no longer the first party in this country. We are not gaining any new voters. I think the hardest thing for us will be to win the elections in Transylvania. This convention must decide whether we follow the same path in which I do not believe or chooses to take another path. I want to suggest a modernisation process for the party. We have two years to do it. I do not want us to let this moment slip away,’ said Ponta.

In his victory speech on Sunday morning , Ponta stated himself in favour of preserving the party unity and of a fair and united transition from the tenure of Geoana to his. Ponta said he is convinced the other political parties watched the convention, stressing once again that he is determined to apply all that he mentioned in his speech.
Ponta stated that he intends to embark on the new path with people who were models to him in politics – Adrian Nastase, Ion Iliescu and Mircea Geoana.
He also campaigned for PSD regaining its identity and the Left values, without which, he added, the young people have nothing to learn, as he did, ‘at the best school of Romanian politics.’

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