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ForMin Baconschi meets Belgian counterpart Vanackere in Brussels

Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Baconschi, who attended the meetings of the General Affairs Council and Foreign Affairs Council on Monday in Brussels met his Belgian counterpart Steven Vanackere, with whom he discussed bilateral projects on transports, renewable energies and education, the Foreign Affairs Ministry informs.

The two ministers talked about the stage in the bilateral relations, which they said is ‘excellent’, this year when Romania and Belgium celebrate the 130th anniversary of diplomatic relations; they also tackled the topical subjects on the European agenda given that Belgium will hold the EU Council Presidency starting this mid-year.

The Kingdom of Belgium is one of Romania’s close partners in the EU, with the two countries promoting common objectives, the ministry said.
In this context, Baconschi and Vanackere discussed about the bilateral cooperation projects, emphasizing the domains of major interest, such as transport, renewable energies, decentralized cooperation, education and civil protection.

The Romanian head of diplomacy made an appeal to capitalize on the opportunities offered by the new EU strategy regarding the Danube region, through the links ensured by the Danube between the two countries’ ports.

With respect to the European agenda, the emphasis was placed on the priorities of the future Belgian EU Presidency, with the Romanian minister expressing his support for its objectives, such as the continuation of the economic recovery process, the Treaty of Lisbon implementation, climate changes or the continuation of the enlargement process. Baconschi underlined the significance Romania would place, during the Belgian Presidency, on enlarging the Schengen area, completing the EU strategy for the Danube region and ensuring the European Union’s energy security.


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