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Government to challenge in court contract clauses of Eximbank president

Prime-Minister Emil Boc said on Friday that the Government prepared the legal framework for challenging in court the clauses on the cancellation of the Eximbank president Ionut Costea’s contract, especially those regarding the damages he would benefit from when changed from position.

“I am prepared to take all the necessary steps in order to remove in court those contract clauses that impose financial penalties amounting to 500,000-600,000 euros in case the Eximbank director is changed,” said Emil Boc on Friday. In his opinion, such provisions are immoral and are said to have been established by persons belonging to the same political party.

“I believe it is incorrect, it is an immoral clause. You cannot impose this kind of clauses. I mean, Social Democrat Ursache [former head of the Authority for State Assets Recovery (AVAS) Mircea Ursache] launches the ball, and Social Democrat Costea hits the ball with the head. We cannot go on this way, just because they established these clauses, as AVAS president – Ursache, and as Eximbank president – Costea.

We will prepare the legal framework in order to bring legal proceedings so as to remove this clause that is immoral from a legal point of view and does not meet the requirements of the law-based state,” concluded Premier Boc.
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