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Ponta can rely on Liberals as partners if he succeeds in reforming PSD

Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Crin Antonescu said on Monday that the relationship between the Liberals and the Social-Democrats will stay the same after Victor Ponta was elected to head the Social-Democratic Party (PSD), but that there is also the possibility that the Social-Democrats have a partner in the Liberal Party, should Ponta succeed in the “very difficult” task of reforming the Romanian left.

“From our point of view, just as I said before, the relationship with PSD will stay the same. From our standpoint, there is no reason why we should change our stance once the PSD chairman has changed. Just as I said at the time when Mircea Geoana was at this party’s helm, PSD is our main ideological adversary, our main opponent in terms of doctrine and, according to my assessment, simply our main adversary in the long term,’ Antonescu declared in the sitting of his party’s Central Political Bureau.

On the other hand, Antonescu said that PNL and PSD and can take joint action in the opposition. “At a time when Romania is ruled by an all-inclusive party, a party that is concomitantly the state, the president and government – with no horizon at all, that has no other policy and consistency but in abuse, nepotism, corruption, cronyism, and since we are both in the opposition, us and them are bound to resist, we have the duty to take action from the opposition and under these circumstances, and especially when it comes to defending the rule of law and the pluralist, parliamentary, democratic system, we can join our actions,” said Antonescu.

He explained that PNL and PSD cannot be but opponents, given the opposing doctrines the two parties represent, but added that the Liberals would be Victor Ponta’s partners in his attempt to reform the left.

“They are, or should be a leftist party, we are, or are trying to be a party of the right. There is a general reform process going on, or at least much talked about. I think that Victor Ponta has the mission to reform the left, a very difficult mission I wish him to succeed in and if this happens, even in our position of political competitors, me and my party will be his partners because Romanian democracy equally needs a left-wing and a right-wing party, both authentic, healthy and well-performing formations,’ said Crin Antonescu.

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