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Romania wants measure to reinvigorate agricultural markets

Romania is in favour of the preservation of the Common Agricultural Policy’s current market intervention instruments, as well as for the adoption of measures to combat the effects of the prices volatility and to contribute to the markets’ reinvigoration, informs the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The steps could be the following, direct subsidies to compensate the farmers’ income losses, fiscal cuts or exemptions, the foundation of a crisis fund, and framework agreements between the farmer and the processor. Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Mihail Dumitru is attending the meeting of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council, in Brussels, on Monday.

The main topics on the event’s agenda refer to the EU Commission’s report to the European Parliament related to the animal welfare labeling and the establishment of a network of reference centers for the animal protection and welfare, the future of the Common Agricultural Policy and the measures of market management, after 2013, respectively.

Romania backs up the consolidation of the role the inter-professional organizations are to play, namely these associative forms must avail of appropriate instruments to improve the products’ quality, to prevent and manage the crises, so that they might access the EU funds. As for the new instruments, a EU programme for the re-conversion of the tree plantations similar to that in the wine and vineyards growing could represent an opportunity for the increase in the sector’s competitiveness, at the EU level.

Taking into account Romania‘s new status of an observer in the OECD Committee for Agriculture (CoAg), our country plans to get involved in the establishment of an efficient agricultural policy, worldwide, aimed at meeting the current challenges. The meting in Brussels is the first by the EU Council of Ministers under Dacian Ciolos’s mandate as the EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development.

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