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Romanian-Hungarian joint initiative to educate Roma students

Romanian Minister of Education, Research, Youth and Sports, Daniel Petru Funeriu, and Hungarian Minister of Education and Culture Istvan Hiller, late last week agreed to launch a joint initiative to place the issue of educating the Roma people on the agenda of the European Union, informs a release on Friday.

‘The time for discussions has passed. It is time now for concrete steps. We need a common action at European level, as soon as possible. We know that the Roma issue cannot be solved only through education, but without education can not be solved at all,’ said Minister Funeriu, on the occasion of the inauguration of the new headquarters of the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Bucharest, attended also by his Hungarian counterpart.

The Hungarian high official appreciated and said he will support initiative launched by the Romanian side. ‘ This is not only a possible approach, but it is a desirable one. It must become clear at the regional and European level, that the Roma issue is not only the problem of few countries, but it is a cross-border problem. If we want to find real solutions, this is the way. I assure you of our entire support, said Minister Istvan Hiller, at the end of the meeting.

This week, we will name someone responsible in each ministry to prepare, together with the team of experts to be formed, and in the shortest time, a document to show up our common stand on this matter. We will further submit the document to the European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth, Androulla Vassiliou.

During the meeting, the two officials also tackled other issues of common interest, such as education for minorities in their mother tongue and opportunities of cooperation in fields like science and research. The Romanian Minister insisted on the cooperation between Romania and Hungary in the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) project, while also advancing the official proposal to establish a research institute under the ‘ EU Strategy for the Danube Region.’
Also, the Romanian Minister of Education expressed the ministry’s readiness to ensure the necessary infrastructure for hosting such an institute in the Danube Delta.


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