Romanian Patriarchy to present Romanian People’s Salvation Cathedral model, on Tuesday

The Romanian Patriarchy, at the Bucharest-based Patriarchy Palace, on Tuesday, organizes a news conference on the Romanian People’s Salvation Cathedral project, when the model of the future worship place is also presented, the Romanian Patriarchy’s newsroom informs.

The building works of the Romanian People’s Salvation Cathedral are to start in August, this year, in accordance with the agenda scheduled by the Patriarchal Administration’s specialty department. The works were initially scheduled to start in April 2009, but they were postponed. The building is expected to take four years, except the finishing stage. The cathedral will be able to shelter about 5,000 people, being five times larger than the current Patriarchal Cathedral in Bucharest.

The project also envisages an esplanade for a large number of believers. ‘It won’t be a huge, but a balanced, harmonious church of appropriate dimensions,’ Patriarch Daniel said, in autumn, 2008, at the beginning of the geo-technical survey of the land plot on the Arsenal Hill, where the future Cathedral will be erected.
The works are expected to cost 400 million euros, namely half of the money for the building itself and the second half for the finish, the paintings, the adornments, the electricity and the heating systems of the Cathedral.

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