Romania’s coal production down 11.8 percent in 2009

Romania’s production of net coal amounted to 5.855 million tonnes of oil equivalent (toe), in 2009, that is a drop by 11.8 percent (or 783,200 toe) compared to the previous year, according to data centralized by the National Institute of Statistics.

In 2009, Romania imported 664,700 toe of net coal, by 1.411 million toe (68 percent) less than the amount imported in 2008. According to a statistic made public by British Petroleum, Romania’s coal production totaled 6.5 million toe in 2008, down 3.2 percent from 2007, and represented 0.2 percent of the world production.

As regards consumption, it reached 7.7 million toe and represented 0.2 percent of the global consumption. In end-2009, Romania had coal reserves of 422 million tonnes (representing 0.1 percent of the global reserves).

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