Traian Basescu: Roma minority must become aware of its own responsibility

President Traian Basescu said that Roma minority must become aware of its own responsibility in order to overcome the ongoing difficult situation and that sending children to school is an extremely important part of that.

“Unless Roma minority itself is not aware of its own responsibility in order to overcame the current difficult situation, we could still write dozens of governmental reports and (set up) dozens of presidential commission. We can boost financial aid no matter at what level, and we can expand all sorts of social benefits.

But unless Roma minority does not become aware that it bears responsibilities for its own good, the issues would linger, the money would be spent with a minimum efficiency and progress would be minimal”, underlined the head of state on Monday in a conference for the launching of the “Report on the national strategy for improvement of Roma ethnics situation: the voice of communities”.

The President also reminded that the presidential institution drafted a report on the social and demographic risks Romania is facing, document which revealed that Roma minority is in the “epicenter of all social risks”, as well as that the solutions meant to prevent the worsening of Roma community situation are very different from any other analysis related to Romania’s population.

Traian Basescu stated that this community biggest problem is linked to its income and its positioning into society. “Roma ethnics income will never grow until they can find employment and they will never be employed and derive an adequate income until they go to school. I am telling you straightly, the key of Roma minority positive evolution is to send children to school”, underlined the President.

The head of state admitted there are sometimes incidents linked to discrimination towards Roma children. “But I consider them as relatively isolated, not defined as a phenomenon of this community rejection in schools. Equally I know the high reticence degree in Roma families over sending children to school”, pointed out Basescu.
He insisted that the “key to exit poverty” is raising awareness of Roma community that children’s education is a priority.

The head of state also said that the state has the obligation to create conditions for Roma children to be able to graduate school, but it cannot persuade each family of the importance of education. The President added that another obvious phenomenon is the fact that some families with five-six children are content to live on child allowances.

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