Victor Ponta: We have few ideological standpoints to share with PNL

Social Democratic Party (PSD, in opposition) is going to be an adversary to all the right-wing parties and the main opposition party, stated on Monday the leader of this formation Victor Ponta at the end of the National Standing Bureau meeting.

“PSD remains the main opposition party, it remains the sole representative of the left-wing on the Romanian political scene. We are to collaborate with the National Liberal Party (PNL) when it comes to safeguarding, keeping on the democratic values and to stop abuses committed by an all-mighty power. For the rest PNL – with all due respect I have for some of its leaders – is a right-wing party.

We will have very few touch points ideologically speaking, as well as from the political programme standpoint and I think we will be some serious adversaries and very strong ones of all the right-wing parties”, said Ponta. Victor Ponta also said he was going to back up Adrian Nastase for the National Council’s presidency of this formation.

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