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Antonescu launches political programme “PNL – Through Ourselves Now”

Crin Antonescu, the National Liberal Party (PNL, in opposition) chairman launched on Tuesday his political programme which will be presented before the party extraordinary Congress to be held on March 5-7.

The programme is entitled ‘PNL – Through Ourselves Now’ and comprises three chapters referring to the party’s political and ideological identity, to the PNL strategy for the next 1,000 days and to the internal reform of the Liberals.

In the introduction, Antonescu speaks about the Romanian political system’s illnesses and about the need to change the way that the state institutions operate and to change the Romanian economy and society.
‘Romania needs a right-wing party genuine and powerful enough to impose the in-depth change of the Romanian society, after 20 years of delays, compromises and failures,’ says Antonescu in his programme.

‘Using again the traditional and historical PNL slogan from the inter-war period is not just a sign of respect and an appeal to our historic prestige, but also a formula which, from my perspective, better matches the reality and challenges the PNL is faced with.
‘Through Ourselves’ represents a symbolic summary of the way the PNL chose to assume a reform, starting with itself, thus being able to really reform and recover the Romanian political system, it is a symbolic summary of the strategy I propose the PNL and the vision of what Romania’s governments must do in order to take Romania out of a 20-year crisis,’ said Antonescu.


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