Antonescu: PNL should not be barons’ but free people’s party

Leader of the opposition National Liberal Party (PNL) Crin Antonescu said in his political programme launched on Tuesday that the party should not be one of the chiefs and ‘ barons’, but of the free people associated into an institution.

‘The PNL wasn’t and shouldn’t be a party of chiefs and barons, a party of those whom transition has made rich or those who merely want to make a career for themselves. The PNL should be a free people’s party, the free people associated and shareholders in an institution the history and destiny of which honours them and forces them to be honourable. A party of the elites, but not an exclusive party, a party of conscience and a party with a pragmatic vocation at the same time’, Antonescu says.

According to him, the PNL at this moment is a party open neither to the outside nor to the inside and it is operating ‘out of inertia’, it is resistant to change, so that new people have small chances of entering the system.
Antonescu argues the PNL will be a really great and democratic party when it allows internal competition and attracts worthy people, when the Liberals understand that ‘any new member is a source of growth and credibility’.

The Liberal leader also spoke of the need to take measures that should make the party democratic to a larger extent. ‘I dream of /…/ seeing in the PNL, in the near future, a universal vote of all the members for the party president at least, of seeing an internal referendum on major political decisions. Can we do this as long as we do not have a really modern condition of the party member, meaning that a member should be active, should take part in the debates and decision-making in the party?

Even if such a member does not have a leading position, he/she should be connected to a performing and modern communication and information circuit of the party. All these things at this moment entail the fact that someone should assume responsibility and this involves certain shocks and in order to create certain shocks energy is needed’, Antonescu said.


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