Emil Boc: Taxation of pensions below 1,000 lei or cutting child benefits, out of question

Premier Emil Boc stated on Tuesday, on the public radio station, that there is no question of taxation of pensions below 1,000 lei or the cutting of child benefits. “A cut in child benefits is completely out of the question. We encounter no problems for the payment of wages, pensions, social benefits.

We have the afferent financial resources now and in the future and their payment is not in any danger, and we never considered the taxation of pensions below ten million old lei. I want that to be clear”, the PM gave assurances. Emil Boc explained that child benefit “elimination” was never discussed because it is a constitutional right.

“The quantum is the one established by the state. We have a provision in the governing programme aimed at increasing child benefits over 2010-2013 accompanied by their differentiation according to the respective income. It remains to be seen how that issue will be worked out. We are to debate the best formula in public”, added Emil Boc.

The Executive’s head also reminded that there is a legislative project in this field already adopted by the Senate and sent to the Chamber of Deputies. “This allocation will not disappear. Absolutely not. I categorically reject any allegation of the kind: “the Government wants to boost its savings at the expense of children”.
Out of the question. We did not plan to make savings at this chapter. The benefits will be further paid”, he underlined. The Premier said that the benefits differentiation issue will be submitted to the public debate. “A certain amount should be kept and allocated to every child in this country”, maintained Emil Boc.

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