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ForMin Baconschi believes Roma ethnics issue was abandoned lately

Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodor Baconschi stated on Tuesday, during a meeting with representatives of Roma ethnics NGOs, held at the Palace of Parliament, that in his opinion, due to domestic political tensions, the governments have abandoned lately Roma issues, the strategy in this field remaining just “on paper”.

“We must admit one thing, there is racism, there is xenophobia, there are politicians in every country tempted to discover scapegoats for these criminality issues, to point the finger to a certain community of foreigners in a country or another and tell the population affected by the economic crisis: Look who is guilty for the lack of jobs, for a dropping in your purchasing power.

It is not true, but this kind of speech is popular and I make this appeal to all those present and to those who are not here, but I invite to dialogue, to understand that we must show solidarity in order to defend and build a strategy aimed at improving Romania‘s image all over Europe”, stated the Foreign Minister. He also reacted to a release on BBC World of an aggressive documentary at the address of Roma ethnics in Romania.

“I want to see it, to see if it is a genuine BBC production and, if it is the case, we must react diplomatically because it is not acceptable for a public institution in Great Britain to broadcast such a thing”, said Baconschi.
The Minister believes that MAE has the obligation to defend Roma ethnics rights, their right to free movement, to a good reputation, the right to professional insertion and to social inclusion.

“We will achieve that, but we must be helped. If some are wrong all the way down and the other are virtuous till the very end, no realistic average is possible, we must see, there are problems indeed and my thesis in conclusion is that if you love your brothers, you should defend them against those criminal groups.
The first victims of the criminality are the very Roma ethnics. Human trafficking, prostitution, begging, exploitation in all forms are primarily at the expense of Roma ethnics”, said the ForMin. He told Roma NGOs representatives to perceive a new beginning in this dialogue and the fact that everyone should assume his/her responsibilities.

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