Gov’t approves 10 Houses for Specialists programme

The Romanian Government on Tuesday approved a Resolution on the programme called ‘The Revival of the Romanian Village – 10 Houses for Specialists’ aimed at drawing specialists to the rural area, the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism has announced.

The programme will be conducted via the National Housing Agency following the proposals received from the local public administration authorities and it will be funded from state budget sources particularly assigned to this end from the budget of the Regional Development and Tourism Ministry.
According to the programme, 10 houses will be built in each Romanian rural community for the young specialists to rent if they decide to carry out their activity in that area and if they do not own a home in the area.

The 10 houses will be given to the specialists under 35 years of age first and foremost, to teachers, doctors, nurses and police officers where applicable. The local authorities will make available 500 square metres plots for the houses to be built on. There will be two-room, 100 sqm houses and three-room, 120 sqm houses.

The houses thus built will be let according to the Housing Law provisions, with the related grounds to be used by the tenant free of charge. The local councils may decide to pay the rent from the local budgets, where applicable. The houses built under this programme will be public property and shall not be sold.

The programme will be conducted starting this mid-year, in about 2,500 rural towns; the cost of building such a house is put at between 30,000 and 35,000 euros.
Some 500 million euros is needed to fund the programme at an early phase, with the total cost for the 2,500 rural communities likely to reach one billion euros, Regional Development and Tourism Minister Elena Udrea had said last week.


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