Gov’t unable to give grants, subsidies because of lack of financial resources

Romania cannot give grants and subsidies because it does not have the required financial resources, Public Finances Minister Sebastian Vladescu said at the end of talks with the ruling Democratic Liberal (PD-L) group in the Senate on Tuesday.

When asked by reporters whether there was any senator to have reproached him his previous statement that pensions would be taxed, Vladescu said nobody had reproached him anything, except for only one senator who had reproached him that there was not sufficient support for the economic operators at times of downturn.
‘We cannot give grants and subsidies because we do not have the financial resources’, the minister stressed.

He said he had discussed ‘all sorts of things’ with the PD-L senators, namely the budget, the infrastructure, the fiscal responsibility law and the support for the local authorities. ‘I told them what we did, what we plan to do and cannot do because we have no fiscal ‘ room’ – namely motorways, hospitals, moves to back farming’, the finance minister said.

With respect to Prime Minister Emil Boc’s request to continue and step up a process meant to cut the number of parafiscal taxes, Vladescu said the issue is currently being examined and ‘all that can be cut will be cut’.

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