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More transparency needed in authorities’ activity

A discussion with the government is required to increase the transparency of state institutions regarding taxation, secretary general of the Romanian Business People Association (AOAR) Cristian Parvan declared on Tuesday, at the launch of the 2010 Report of the Romanian Academic Society (SAR).

“Together with the SAR, we want to discuss with the government ways to increase the transparency of state institutions in the line of taxation,” said Parvan.
He cited Angela Merkel as an example, mentioning that in his opinion, she won elections in Germany because she promised a 3 pct VAT rise in order to ease the tax burden on labor force.

In this context, Cristian Parvan requested that the National Tax Administration Agency (ANAF) work out periodic activity reports listing the companies that were verified, the deficiencies found and the actions taken. The AOAR secretary general also asked that reports be presented on the public procurement contracts awarded through the e-tender system.

An example of lack of transparency, according to Parvan, is the fact that the former Romanian Electricity Corporation RENEL has been charging for years in a row a development tax of 12 percent and the use of the funding remains in the haze. “I wonder what would the government do if revenues increased to 41 pct of the GDP from the current 31 pct it is so unhappy with, if there is no transparency?

Now, the Ministry of Justice lets 100 million euros from the World Bank go waste, although it has 16 employees responsible for the absorption of structural funds. Why do we pay contributions if we do not benefit from our rights?” asked the AOAR representative.
Cristian Parvan stressed that the critical problem is that Romania lost 4.5 million jobs in 20 years, which is why today six million pensioners rely on what 4.5 million employees produce.

“Nothing is done to support labor and no candidate for a public service position tells us what he plans to do in order to stimulate labor in Romania,” concluded the representative of the business milieu.


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