OSCE 2010 Conference in Bucharest, on Wednesday

The Conference of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), marking the Kazakhstan Republic’s taking over of the OSCE chairmanship in the year 2010, is due in Bucharest, on Wednesday, with Romania’s ex-Presidents Ion Iliescu and Emil Constantinescu attending the event.

The OSCE 2010 Conference is staged by the Kazakh diplomatic mission to Bucharest and the Institute of International Relations and Economic Cooperation to mark the takeover of the OSCE’s chairmanship in 2010 by the Republic of Kazakhstan, reads a release the organization committee sent on Tuesday.
The OSCE reform programme and the Organization’s current situation seen from Romania and Europe’s perspective are the main topics to be approached during the Conference.

The Republic of Kazakhstan has an ambitious reform project in view, under the logo of the four Ts, Trust, Tradition Transparency, Tolerance, the above said source stressed. ‘The Conference on OSCE 2010.
A decisive year for Europe is one of the rear international events that prove that Romania can contribute to idea debates and crayoning the European policies, preserving its condition as a relevant area in deepening the cooperation tie between Romania and Kazakhstan, in Europe’s new security architecture,’ the release also emphasizes.

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