PM urges FinMin to reduce paraűscal taxes

Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc, at the government meeting on Tuesday, urged Minister of Finance, Sebastian Vladescu, to consider further reducing of parafiscal taxes until March.

‘Mr. Vladescu, I have to ask you to consider in the next interval cutting the number of parafiscal taxes, the same as we reduced them last year too. This mechanism simplifying bureaucracy should be maintained. You also have to analyse in March and work with the other ministries so as to keep reducing them. There already exists an working group that is working to this result, but we still need to reinvigorate this process of reducing parafiscality in Romania,’ said Boc.

Moreover, the Premier asked the Ministers of Finance, Vladescu, and of Economy, Adriean Videanu, to urge preparation of a regulatory framework, under which the government to support young people who want to set up their own company. The head of the Executive also mentioned that the draft would be aimed at developing entrepreneurial spirit.

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