Prime Minister Boc: Romania is through most difficult time after WWII

Premier Emil Boc on Tuesday told the meeting between the representatives of the Government and of the Association of Romanian Villages that “not very pleasant steps” must be taken because of the very difficult situation Romania was in at this time, the most difficult one after the Second World War.

“This crisis has shown that we have some weak points economically,” said Emil Boc. He added that the Government he had been heading was duty bound to repair “the slippages in the past 20 years.” “I know that a mayor works round the clock, seven days a week. Much of the burden is on your shoulders as you are the ones to first get in touch with the citizen,” added the Prime Minister.

Referring to the co-financing of the European Union projects, Emil Boc said that the Government adopted a norm-setting document to be able to ensure that part of the co-financing, which cannot be given by the local city halls. “City halls can use state guarantee for this co-financing. When you have won a project, you have 30 percent of the financing contract,” added Vasile Blaga, Minister of Administration and the Interior.

The Romanian Premier also tabled a programme, a partnership between the Ministry of Administration and the Interior and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment, following which all villages in Romania will be electrified.
Minister of Regional Development and Tourism Elena Udrea and Minister of the Environment and Forestry Laszlo Borbely also attend the general assembly of the Association of Romanian Villages.

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