Roberta Anastase: Possible reshuffle of Vladescu and Seitan, absolutely correct

A possible reshuffle of Ministers of Finance, Sebastian Vladescu, and Labour, Mihai Seitan, would be an absolutely fair decision, Speaker of Deputies Chamber, Democratic-Liberal Roberta Anastase on Tuesday stated.

‘It is up to the Prime Minister how he understands to manage his communication policy and, if you allow me say this, my purely personal opinion is that this would be an absolutely correct decision,’ said Anastase. Asked if the recent statements of the two ministers have damaged the image of the Liberal Democratic Party (PD-L, governing), she only replied that they were not supposed to communicate, in their official capacity, matters that had not been discussed within the party first.

‘When one speaks about something one haven’t discussed, that is when one comes with no more than a personal opinion, one should not do that in his/hers official capacity,’ said Roberta Anastase.
According to some piece of information, Premier Emil Boc at the government meeting on Tuesday charged the two ministers over the image problems they created. Seitan made statements about possible differential allowances for children, while Minister Vladescu advanced the hypothesis of taxing pensions.

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