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Romania emphasizes importance of consolidation of Black Sea Euro-region project

State secretary for strategic affairs Bogdan Aurescu, present in the seminar “Intra-regional and cross-border cooperation: development and democratic stability promotion”, in Trieste, emphasized the importance of the consolidation of the Black Sea Euro-region project, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs in a release remitted on Tuesday.

The Romanian dignitary was invited by the organizers as Romania‘s representative, as well as an alternate member of the Venice Commission, to give a lecture on the theme “Intra-regional cooperation project: cooperation fields and necessary competences”, a current subject on the agenda of the Local and Regional Authorities Congress within the Council of Europe.

He also gave a presentation on the theme “The Black Sea Euro-region – its development process and progress prospects”. Bogdan Aurescu reaffirmed Romania‘s interest in the aforementioned topics, pinpointing the advantages of such cooperation forms and mainly underlining the need to consolidate the Black Sea Euro-region (BSER) at the level of the Council of Europe, Romania‘s initiative promoted during the period when it held the presidency of the Committee of Ministers of this organization, launched in September 2008.

“BSER project has an outstanding potential for giving an impetus to democratic changes, to the promotion of good governance and consolidation of stability in the region, Romania being fully committed to back up these processes in the Black Sea region”, underlined the Romanian representative.
The seminar, held over February 22-25, is organized by the European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission) of the Council of Europe and enjoyed the presence of officials from 30 countries, Council of Europe member states.

A series of aspects were debated related to cross-border and intra-regional cooperation, as the evolution of the Euro-region concept, the administrative and legal framework for the cross-border cooperation at Community level, cooperation between the European Union member countries and non-member ones, part of the Council of Europe, concrete examples of cooperation, as the Adriatic Euro-region or the Black Sea Euro-region.

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