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Senator Corlatean, U.S. Ambassador discuss visa issue

Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Policy Titus Corlatan met on Tuesday with U.S. Ambassador to Romania Mark Henry Gitenstein, with whom he approached, among others, the issue of visas for Romanian citizens.

Senator Corlatean said that talks referred to lifting the visa system Romanian citizens are required to get when traveling to the U.S., saying that this summer or this autumn at the latest, he would be visiting the United States to discuss the matter “particularly with those Congressmen and Senators with relevant responsibilities.’

“We had a series of discussions related to a problem of concern to the public opinion, the waiver of the visa system Romanian citizens currently need to observe, and we agreed that the issue has of course a technical dimension, but includes a political dimension as well, and that political contacts are necessary and (…) a parliamentary contact line between the Romanian Parliament and Congress – in particular with those Congressmen and Senators with relevant competence and with a certain influence in the area – is absolutely necessary, and we will work up an official visit I should be paying to the United States for talks in the House of Representatives and the Senate,” said Corlatean.

The Romanian Senator underscored that the visit is due in autumn at the latest. “I asked today the Foreign Ministry to take the official steps to organize this visit. (…) There are issues of common concern between the U.S. and Romania where the Parliament of Romania can have an extremely useful contribution, but visas will definitely be one of the subjects on my agenda,” said Corlatean. The missile shield was another topic discussed with Ambassador Gitenstein, said Corlatean.

“Expressing our point of view, I told the Ambassador that we have a certain procedure in place which we began with that recent hearing organized with the two foreign policy committees and the Senate defense and national security committee respectively, and that these mutual briefings are useful, as was the hearing itself, for the MPs to be in the know about this project of major importance for both Romania and the region as far as national and regional security are concerned,’ elaborated Titus Corlatean.


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