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Szeklers Land promoted on YouTube

The Harghita County Council (northwest of Bucharest) commissioned the production of an advertisement movie to promote the Szeklers Land and that can be watched on YouTube starting this Tuesday.

President of the Harghita County Council, Borboly Csaba, explained that the advertisement clip promotes tourist attractions in the area, local accommodation offers and possibilities to practice winter sports. “The initiative is aimed at presenting a consistent image of the Szeklers Land, so as to lure as many as possible tourists to this region,” said Borboly.

The Hungarian-language advertising film was broadcast for television viewers in Hungary on the Duna TV and Echo TV channels, but was also made available to the twin counties.
“The two TV channels are media partners of the Harghita County Council and they were instrumental in our releasing the film to twin counties so that local smaller channels be able to include it in their program,” said the County Council president.

The Romanian language version of the film was posted on YouTube and can be used for free for promotion purposes. The 53 second-video evokes the “thousand wonders in the area,’ the Szekler cuisine, the spa and thermal bath services on offer, winter sports, and invites tourists to “the Szeklers Land – the Essence of Transylvania.’

The broadcast of such ads is part of a broader program of the Harghita County Council (ECJ) for the promotion of the county image. At the end of 2009 the county counselors approved RON 254,000 in budget earmarks for activities aimed at enhancing the visibility of Harghita County.
The current leadership of the County Council laid particular emphasis on promoting the image of the county, its tourism objectives and cultural events. Of recent, County Council president Borboly Csaba announced that a travel agency would be set up to promote the counties Harghita, Covasna and Mures as tourist attractions.

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