Tudor Serban: AGIR project might be done faster than Nabucco

The AGIR (Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania) Project for the natural gas transport from the Caspian Sea to Europe, from Azerbaijan, through Georgia, to Romania could be finished faster than the Nabucco gas pipeline project, State Secretary with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment Tudor Serban told an ISPE seminar, on Tuesday.

‘The AGIR (Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania) project could be accomplished faster than the other international projects such as that which Romania is directly involved in, namely the Nabucco gas pipeline project,’ said Serban.
Romania is to conclude a three-party partnership with Azerbaijan and Georgia for the AGIR Project, whereby natural gas will be transported from Azerbaijan, across Georgia, to Romania.

‘At the moment, we have reached partnerships with both countries and a joint venture will be set up for the project,’ Serban explained adding that the project’s value might range between four and six billion euros. The project will include one liquefied natural gas terminal in Georgia and the second in Romania.

National companies such as Romgaz (Romania) and Socar (Azerbaijan), and a Georgian natural gas company are also to participate in the achievement of the Project. They will be part in a consortium along with an international company that might be also made of several partners. The entire consortium has to supply the money to cover 90 percent of the project’s cost.


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