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US Ambassador offers condolences to family of Romanian soldier killed in Afghanistan

US Ambassador Mark Gitenstein on Tuesday offered condolences to the family, friends and companions of Sergeant Major Florin Badiceanu, who was killed in action during a patrol mission in the province of Zabul,. Afghanistan.

Sergeant Major Badiceanu was on his second mission in Afghanistan. On behalf of the US Government I want to offer the most sincere condolences to his family, friends and companions. I also want to wish a speedy recovery to Lance Corporal Marian Zamfir, who is currently in hospital in the military basis of Lagman, following the wounds received during the same mission.

I wish him to fully recover as soon as possible, said the US Ambassador. Mark Gitenstein also said that Sergeant Major Badiceanu, Lance Corporal Zamfir and their companions carried out their missions courageously, playing a crucial part in the NATO fight against tyranny and extremism in Afghanistan.

The United States of America is proud of Romania being one of its closest allies in Afghanistan. We owe gratitude to Sergeant Major Badiceanu, the Lance Corporal Zamfir and the courageous members of the Romanian Army for their courage and abnegation, reads a release sent by the US Embassy.

Sergeant Major Florin Badiceanu was killed and Lance Corporal Marian Zamfir was wounded on Tuesday during a mission carried out in Afghanistan. The Romanian troops were carrying out a patrol mission in a column made up of four Humvee motor vehicles in the province of Zabul on the motorway connecting Kandahar to Kabul. About 5 am, Romanian time, the armoured vehicle the two soldiers were in ran over an improvised explosive device.
NCO Badiceanu was on his second mission in Afghanistan, was 31 years old, was married with one child. Lance Corporal Marian Zamfir is being given medical treatment and has had some special tests made.


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