AZOMURES to invest in environmental protection, in the years ahead

The AZOMURES fertilizer maker in Targu Mures (north west of Bucharest) plans to invest almost 140 million dollars to curb pollution, says a note signed by the chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors Fuat Kalgay, presented during a news conference, on Wednesday.

Besides the abovementioned investments in the environmental protection, the Company also has in view the development of two new projects, during the coming two years. One project is to have the factory’s chimneys evacuating the acid and the ammoniac gases built, by round 30 meters taller. This is an ‘ immediate but transient solution viewed to have the harmful gas emissions better dispersed and implicitly to cut the emissions.’

The second project is aimed at the implementation of a new granulation/solidification technology at the 3rd installation putting out ammonium nitrate, and at that making complex fertilizers (NPK) and it has in view the replacement of the existing granulation towers. The achievement of the two projects would almost fully cut the harmful emissions of the two installations.
The selection of the best technologies for the projects is in progress. The first project is expected to cost about 9 million US dollars and the project on the NPK is to amount to 13 million USD, and it will be the Company to fund both, Kalgay said.

He also added that AZOMURES has a third project in view. This is aimed at diminishing the carbon dioxide emissions. The project consists in the re-equipment of the installations putting out ammonia and urea respectively, and it is aimed at curbing the methane and the electricity consumption, and at the implementation of new granulation technologies, in the second installation. The project is expected to amount to 116 million USD, with an implementation period of 24 months, since the agreement is signed.

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