Carpathian brown bear to play mascot of national rugby team

The mascot of the Romanian National Rugby League will be the Carpathian brown bear, following a competition among fans of the sport, informs the Rugby Federation’s Web page.

‘Next, we will make arrangements to actually have a mascot at the national team’s matches. We also need to find a suitable name and to register it with OSIM (State Office for Inventions and Trademarks – n. red.). More precisely, we will call again on supporters to choose the most suitable name,’ said Secretary General of the Romanian Rugby Federation, Florin Matei.

In his message, the author of the awarded proposal, Costin Raducu, explained that the Carpathian bear is ‘one of the most impressive animals living in Romania’, being ‘strong, smart, intelligent, tough, relatively nimble,’ qualities similar to those of the Romanian rugby players.

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