Celebration of Romanian ‘romanta’ at Chisinau

Chisinau (the capital city of Republic of Moldova) will be the host over February 25-27 of a contest of creation and interpretation of Romanian ‘romanta’ (Romanian sentimental song), ‘Crizantema de arginť (The Silver Chrysanthemum).

The Festival is expected to bring together more than 30 interpreters and composers. According to the Deputy Director of the Department for Culture of the Chisinau Municipal Council, Leonid Gorceac, the 18th edition of the festival will gather the most beautiful voices of Romanians everywhere. There will be participating in the competition interpreters from Moldova, Romania, and also from other countries where Romanians live, according to Info-Prim Neo.

‘Crizantema de arginť from the Republic of Moldova is ‘the younger sister’ of the ‘Crizanetema de aur’ (Gold Chrysanthemum) hold in Targoviste (Romania), which has reached its 42nd edition.
As a tradition, the founder of the festival in Romania, Rica Ungureanu, used to come to Chisinau with gifts, and the current administration at the Targoviste City Hall will continue to do the same. This time they will donate 3,000 books to libraries in Chisinau.

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