Conservatives suggest making offices of minister and MP mutually incompatible

The Conservative Party (PC) will be advocating the establishment of a parliamentary board to amend the Constitution and it will come up with suggestions that will allow the Constitution to really contribute to the modernisation of the Romanian state, PC spokesman Bogdan Ciuca told a news conference on Tuesday.

Ciuca argued that the Constitution as it is now does not mention the institution of the Member of European Parliament (MEP), although Romania already has MEPs and there are no provisions to regulate the situation in which the President does not accept the recommendation for prime minister or in which the prime minister disagrees with the appointment of a minister.

‘The Constitution leaves inter-institutional conflicts unregulated. That is why PC is campaigning for the modernisation of the state, but not for or against a person, and not for or against a political party. We want to build a sound Constitution that will benefit those who have to bear the effects of any legislative act, that is the citizens,’ Ciuca explained.

He added that the PC would also like an older request of his party, making the offices of minister and MP mutually incompatible, to be solved. ‘We do not believe there are orchestra people.
We do not believe there are such things as someone who is a good minister and a good parliamentarian at the same time, because such person must be cheating either on the State or on the citizens who elected him or her. We want to clearly solve the issue of a hemorrhage of emergency ordinances that has made Parliament’s activity derisory. The Government should deal with implementing the laws only,’ said Ciuca.

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