Constantin Nita: Law on lobbying to increase transparency of relations between economy and politics

“The main advantage of the existence of a law on lobbying is that it brings more transparency to the decision-making act,” Constantin Nita, deputy and former Minister of SMEs, Trade and Business Environment, told on Wednesday.

“The existence of such a law will finally make it possible to delimit the notion of lobbying from the one of influence peddling, this latter one being punished by criminal law. The business environment will also be able to transparently influence certain political decisions made by the Government or Parliament as well as by other central public authorities,” said Constantin Nita, who on Tuesday lodged a draft law with the Chamber of Deputies, a draft law regulating the lobbying activity.

Some of the most important goals for which lobbying will be resorted to are the draft law on withdrawing, amending, passing or repealing some laws, resolutions or motions by Parliament, some Government ordinances or resolutions, but also the hearing and nomination of a person for a certain public position and so on.

The draft law on organizing the lobbying activity was also tabled for public debate by the former Ministry of SMEs, Trade and Business Environment, headed by Constantin Nita, in September 2009, and the current Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment plans to resume debates on a set of five laws on improving the business environment, which were launched as a proposal last year.

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