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Democrat Liberal Deputy Sever Voinescu asks for halt to administration politicization

Democrat Liberal Deputy Sever Voinescu admitted on Tuesday that Ordinance 37 on the public administration was a mistake, officially launching a challenge to the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) to put an end to the politicization of this sector.

“Let us admit that Ordinance 37, which we co-drafted with the Social Democrat Party, was a mistake … We politically appoint ministers, secretaries of state, sub-secretaries of state, those assimilated to them, prefects and sub-prefects. And that is it, we stop.

I am launching a challenge to my own party: let us be the first to renounce the administration politicization … , to be the ones to stop this politicization spiral, not for other reasons than the fact that this spiral becomes a violent drill destroying the state’s foundation,” Sever Voinescu told a news conference given at the Folklore Studies Institute on Tuesday.

The Democrat Liberal opined that PD-L, as a “mature and powerful party,” must take a decisive step to put an end to the administration politicization procedure, as pleaded by the Head of State.
Sever Voinescu also added that Traian Basescu was the one to stop the political assault on justice and the one to refuse the appointment of his own representatives to the boards of directors of the Romanian Television Company and of the Romanian Radio-Broadcasting Company.

Likewise, said Voinescu, he appointed people belonging to the opposition at the head of the Romanian Intelligence Service and of the Foreign Intelligence Service, thus launching a precedent that should be observed by all people to succeed him to the supreme position.


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