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Experience exchange between Bucharest and Vienna city halls

Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu has paid on Wednesday a working visit to Austria, for meetings with Vienna Mayor Michael Haupl and with the Deputy Mayor Renate Brauner.

According to the Press Office of Bucharest Municipality City Hall (PMB), a series of joint interest topics were approached during the meetings, as the construction of underground parking spaces, of social housing, heating systems, as well as a series of punctual issues. Given the long experience of the Austrian side and the successful model represented by Vienna City Hall, Mayor Sorin Oprescu was interested in finding out how Donau Finanz Gmbh&Co KG., investment company of Vienna municipality, is working.

As well, the head of Romania‘s Capital was interested in the public sanitation system in Vienna, the mechanized equipment used to clean the streets, as well as waste management, details as anti-freezing solutions used by the Austrian side, equipment used to clear the snow from the sidewalks, equipment used to clear and transport the snow at the same time, places where the cleared snow is deposited and how the clearing snow activity is organized in general.

The public transport system organization was another item on the agenda of talks between the two city mayors. As it is known, PMB has a strategy focused on the modernization of the tramway fleet based on a partnership with a prestigious company, set to build the tramway wagons in Bucharest.
Hospitals and health care system in Vienna could be also used as a successful model by Bucharest City Hall. A hospital of AKH Vienna type could be a project in the near future in Bucharest. As it is known, Vienna City Hall is one of the major shareholders of this hospital which is also famous in Romania.

The heating system and losses management, as well as the rehabilitation of the historical center were some other subjects approached during the meeting. Chief architect Gheorghe Patrascu had a separate meeting with head of Vienna Department of Urban Planning in order to know the model used by Vienna City Hall in connection with the following issues:

the management of the Urban General Plan, the procedure to issue construction permits – necessary assents, models of big urban projects (who initiate and who coordinate them, associations, public-private partnership), organizational model for the metropolitan zone. In the upcoming period a series of experts in these fields will arrive to Bucharest, to provide tangible solutions and to offer their support to Bucharest City Hall.

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