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Health minister targets hospital decentralization by July 1

Health Minister Attila Cseke told a press conference the decentralization through the transfer of the public medical units to the local administration is now one of the solutions aimed at improving the health system and must be analyzed by this summer.

He added this objective must be met by July 1, 2010 and even sooner, as it is assumed under the ruling program and in the reports of the World Bank.
The minister made a list with the units to be transferred and out of the 439 public medical units currently available in Romania, as many as 373 units will be put forward for transfer to the local authorities.

Only 66 medical units will remain under the custody of the ministry, namely 23 public institutes, 11 county emergency hospitals (those located in university centers), 9 municipal emergency hospitals, also situated in university centers, 8 psychiatric hospitals and 15 single-specialty hospitals.
He underscored the decentralization process will not generate layoffs among the medical staff that is already scarce, but warned there may be repercussions on the TESA and the administrative personnel.

The new form of organization will bring equity in terms of financing and sustainable financing for the medical services, while the local administrations will be able to get involved in the development of the health system and decide on behalf of the community they represent.

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