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Interior ministry, Association for Democracy conduct project on National Integrity Centre

The Ministry of Administration and Interior via the central Unit for the Public Administration Reform is conducting a project on the Development and Strengthening of the National Centre for Integrity over two years in partnership with the Association for the Democracy Implementation, association executive director Alexandru Cumpanasu told a news conference on Wednesday.

The project is chiefly aimed at the development and strengthening of the National Centre for Integrity as an independent public lever for the promotion of public integrity and the efficiency in the Romanian public administration by the improvement of the drawing up and implementation of the public policies from a local to a central level and the promotion of training based on the examination of needs; the project also seeks to boost the public administration capacity and to stimulate the mentorship activities for the training of the fresh public workers, Cumpanasu explained.

He said the existing policies and proposed public policies will be brought from a local to a central level by staging debates of the anti-corruption action groups in all the Romanian counties, by a selection of the proposed public policies, by the examination of the selected proposals by integrated working groups and by putting forward, adopting and implementing such proposals by the relevant institutions.

The main expected results of the project will target the commissioning of 41 anti-corruption action groups in each Romanian county as bodies for cooperation and communication among institutions and for the drawing up and improvement of the public policies; the achievement of a national anti-corruption propositions plan and a plan for the improved efficiency of the public administration in the vulnerable sectors; the promotion of proposed public policies and regional anti¬corruption plans in the public administration to the relevant public institutions; and the selection and promotion to the relevant institutions of proposed public policies on the fight against corruption and on the improved efficiency in the public administration.

A monitoring study will be carried out as part of the project in order to watch the phase in the regional implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy for the prevention and combat of corruption in the public administration and the vulnerable sectors.

Attending the event were British ambassador in Bucharest Robin Barnett, Swedish ambassador in Bucharest Mats Lberg, the Netherlands embassy’s charge ďaffaires Iwan Rutjens, Romanian State Secretary for the public administration reform Marius Tiberiu Martinescu as well as other officials of the diplomatic missions and the European Commission’s Resident Office, of the Interior Ministry, Health Ministry, the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport.

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