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Minister Attila Cseke announces cut in number of hospital manager positions

Health Minister Attila Cseke on Wednesday announced measures meant to cut 28 percent of the hospital manager positions. There is an order that provides the cut by 577 positions (from 2,069 to 1,492), referring especially to the ones that are currently held ad interim.

“Law is much too permissive. At the present moment, there are cases of small hospitals, with under 400 beds, where there are six management positions, and in other hospitals with over 400 beds there are as many as 10 management positions. All sorts of interim manager positions have been created additionally, especially human resources, IT, logistics and administrative manager positions.

This is because such things were allowed by Law 95,” the Health Minister said. The new measures stipulate a number of only five management positions in the clinical hospitals with over 400 beds and only four management positions for the ones with under 400 beds.
He added that these measures would also practically mean an average cut of over 1 million lei (about 235 thousand euros) per month for the salary expenditures.
The measures announced by Attila Cseke are to be applied starting on February 24.

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