Number of finally sentenced persons rises significantly

There has been a significant rise in 2009 in the number of people finally sentenced for high- and medium-level corruption cases, the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) last year activity report says.

Thus, there were 131 people finally sentenced in 2009 as against 97 people in the previous year. ‘During 2009, the positive route in professionally carrying out the investigations on high- and medium-level corruption cases was preserved, as well as the registration of concrete results through getting final sentences for a large number of people, as opposed to the previous years.

This reflects the DNA’s working efficiency in ensuring the preventive and coercive purpose of fighting against corruption and financial economic crime, which severely affect the public budgetary resources,’ indicates the DNA report.

Among those convicted there are persons who used to work in the legal, defense and public safety fields, namely six magistrates, three lawyers and 22 police officers and non-commissioned officers, four officers within the Ministry of National Defence, one commanding gendarme officer, three officers and NCOs, while in the financial-fiscal sector or state assets administration there were convicted a Fraud Squad commissioner, ten customs workers, four inspectors from the General Directorate for Public Finances and State Financial Control and two inspectors from the Authority for State Assets Recovery.

Among the people sentenced there are also two university professors, but also people working in the private sector. The number of defendants remanded in custody increased significantly during the criminal prosecution process in 2009.
‘This indicates not only the complexity and the relevance from the DNA’s competence perspective of the investigated criminal activities, but also the increased firmness of the judicial bodies through an adequate response to the social danger level posed by the people committing corruption crimes,’ shows the document.

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