PM Emil Boc: Energy solidarity is indispensable

The global economic crisis has seriously affected the energy sector, causing cuts in the investments in the field, and in order to ensure their energy security, the states have to act in a convergent manner and benefit from the European Union’s support, PM Emil Boc said during the Visegrad countries’ Summit on Energy Security, in Budapest, on Wednesday.

‘Given these challenges, we have to identify new opportunities, profitable for everybody, in the energy sector, and to co-work and make them fruitful. We also must have in view the employment, a key objective,’ PM Boc pointed out.
The Romanian Government’s head admitted that each state is, above all, responsible for its own security, but he stressed that in the current economic and geo-political context, the solidarity among the neighboring countries is essential for the energy policies.

‘It is only this way that we can ensure the security at the regional level. For historical and economic reasons the Central and the Southeastern European counties must coordinate better among them, but they also need more support on the EU’s behalf,’ PM Boc stressed.
He also mentioned that within the energy strategy for 2007-2020, Romania has three goals in view, namely the sustainable diversification and development and the energy efficiency, the development of the renewable energy sources along with boosting energy market’s competitiveness and deregulation.

‘In the field of crude and methane, Romania’s outlook for a safer future focuses on the diversification of the energy sources and routes,’ said PM Boc underlining that the Nabucco project is a priority for Romania. ‘Likewise, Romania strengthened its cooperation in the energy field with the countries of the Caucasus area, and signed two inter-ministerial accords with Georgia and Azerbaijan,’ PM Boc stressed.

‘Pragmatism and the viable joint projects, as well as the mutual support based on trust and solidarity should be our guiding principles. We have to coordinate our actions better, so that our interests should materialize,’ PM Boc concluded.

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