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PSD Deputy Chereches joins Independents Group

Social Democrat Deputy of Maramures Catalin Chereches on Wednesday joined the Independent Parliamentarians Group.

‘I joined the Social Democratic Party (PSD) seven years ago, together with Gabriel Oprea and Cristian Diaconescu. In my capacity as spokesperson for the Maramures branch I cooperated extremely well with Mr. Diaconescu, who was the Party’s spokesperson.

Over the years, I have experienced both joys and disappointments but starting today, I take on a new road, together with people of moral and character strength and, first of all, responsible citizens.
It is an honour for me to take this step together with Cristian Diaconescu and I am certain that together with Gabriel Oprea, Cristian Diaconescu and the other colleagues I know, I will be able to accomplish projects for my citizens in Baia Mare (Maramures County City), in Maramures and for all Romanians.

I will give a hand in creating a genuine centre-left political organization, having as its foundation the national interest for balance, for overcoming the economic crisis and for a good governance,’ the former Social Democrat told. Catalin Chereches, an economist by profession, is the secretary of the Commission for economic policy, reform and privatization in the Deputies’ Chamber and a member of the Parliament’s joint standing commission for European Affairs.

Following the extraordinary PSD Congress held on Saturday, several senators and deputies resigned from the party. Ioan Munteanu, Serban Mihailescu, Culita Tarata and Cristian Diaconescu joined the Independents Group in the Parliament.


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