PSD leader regrets Diaconescu’s decision to leave this party

President of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, in opposition) Victor Ponta voiced regret on Wednesday over the decision taken by Cristian Diaconescu to leave the party, adding that he hopes it is a reversible one.

“Cristian Diaconescu is a valuable man for the party”, said Ponta, underlining that he wishes to find out the “real reasons” based on which this one announced he was giving up his candidacy to the PSD leading position, as well as his resignation from the party.

Coordinator and leader of the Independent lawmakers group Gabriel Oprea told on Wednesday that, starting this day, senator Cristian Diaconescu joined the independents group. According to him, Cristian Diaconescu submitted a written request to become part of the Independent lawmakers group.

Social Democrat Cristian Diaconescu announced on Tuesday evening, on Antena 2, that his eventual resignation from the party depends to a large extent to the conclusions to be reached by the Prosecutors Office in the case of his alleged monitoring.

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